Sunday, June 21

shifting views

Sometimes our view of how things should go in life prove to be wrong. Here's an example of what I mean.

I saved a chicken liver from one of our freshly butchered chickens the other day to give to Jasper as a treat. I safely stored it in the fridge until I was ready to give it to him, imagining it would be the best thing he had ever laid his little puppy mouth on. As I brought it out of the house he immediately sat down expectantly awaiting the treat. Eagerly, he snatched it from my hand, paused, and then proceeded to drop it to the ground, turn tail and walk away, uninterested.

I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I tried one more time to give him the tasty morsel, that any other dog would find heavenly, and this time he wouldn't even sniff it. What? This is the dog that eats literally anything.

I mean, his morning routine when we walk down the hill in the morning, is to chase Annabelle to the top of her house so he can steal the alfalfa pellets, and field corn. To which he slowly and deliberately picks kernel by crunchy kernel off of the cob. He is the one that follows all of us through the fields waiting for a handout of snap peas, turnips, or asparagus. He is also the one that I've found gorging himself in the chicken house on ground corn. So I was shocked that he was being choosy about anything edible. And especially meat. Canines are carnivores. Or am I mistaken?

A few minutes later I was sorting through some strawberries, pulling the rotten ones out of the good ones and tossed one to the dog, to see if he would eat it. He snapped up each berry I tossed. One after the other.

Slightly confusing. He turns his nose from meat, but scarfs anything vegetable or fruit. Am I raising a vegetarian dog? A vegetable farm might not be the perfect environment for a vegetable eating dog. Of course, that is from a farmer's perspective. If I am Jasper, I'm thankful for being dropped on this lush piece of earth.


Kristi said...

You know, when Maya was still a puppy she loved (and I do mean LOVED) apples, several other types of fruit and also broccoli. But these days she prefers kibble and any meat scraps. So maybe it's a puppy thing?

Raleigh said...

this is so funny! you've got a one of a kind pooch there.

Michelle Phillips said...

OK this sounds weird since animals in the wild eat raw food all the time but what about cooking the liver for him. Maybe this crosses the line...I am not sure. All I know is that my parents cook up liver for their pup (not even fresh) and he LOVES it. It may be worth a try. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Take care!!