Wednesday, September 30

30 days has september...

Last year at this time I was enjoying the last few days of my month long vacation in September. Some of you won't remember, but September was a stellar month for me. I spent a week hiking in the Northern Cascades, a week in the Olympic Mountains, a week in Bozeman visiting Montana Conservation Corps friends, and a week back in Indiana for Lana's wedding. I sure jammed some killer trips into that thirty day period. It was so worth it.

This September was slightly different than the last. Instead of hiking up to glaciers, spotting a dozen black bear, and rock climbing with friends, I've been focused on harvesting fruits and vegetables that just keep coming. Their will to live and thrive is inspiring. A few weeks ago a light bulb clicked on in my thick head and I was reminded that, though the harvest is plentiful now, it won't be long til I'll be begging for some fresh vegies from the fields. So in answer to the longing, I decided to spend some quality time preparing for the barren months of winter.

Mom graciously skipped bible study to teach me how to can tomatoes and beans a few weeks ago. A day and a half later we were looking at a table full of 34 quarts of tomatoes, tomato juice, and green beans, as well as, 10 pints of beans. I promptly came back to Upland and started dehydrating garlic so that I can make my own garlic powder. And in between work, bible study, watching football and playing catch with Jasper, I've frozen red raspberries, jalapenos, green bell peppers and carrots.

I'm not sure where I will be this winter, exactly. But whether here or there, I know one thing is for sure. I will be eating well!!