Wednesday, March 17

this is how I know spring is here

There is nothing like warm sunshine on a new spring day. I'm discovering the first buds on the trees, daffodils pushing up between dead leaves and rocks, and song birds cheerfully greeting me in my predawn walks with the dog.

All of these are signs of spring, along with, late night basketball games at the local park, and pairs of people taking long walks or short ones, just to breathe in the cool first breaths of the new season.

The first signs of spring also usher in the beloved season of march madness. Weeks before the tournament, analysts make their predictions, fans voice their opinions, and the masses converge to carefully fill in their brackets as the teams receive their final seeds.

If you have not noticed the changes of the season, look around, feel the energy in the air, enjoy the fresh air, and don't forget to fill in your NCAA tournament bracket. And may the best team win!

Wednesday, March 10

it's official...i'm old

Student: "How old are you?"
Me: "31"
Student: "No you aren't. You aren't that old."
Me: "Yes, I am."

As I walk away, I hear her turn to a friend and say, "I want to look that good when I'm old."

I turned around and looked at her, and she kind of turned red. "I mean..."

Wednesday, March 3

in the paper today...

As I was perusing the paper today I came across an article describing a fire at the New York City courthouse. Lucky day for rapper 'Lil Wayne', who had had his court date suspended due to the fire. This was the second time the court date was suspended. Evidently last month the date was pushed back so he could have surgery on his gemstone-encrusted teeth.