Wednesday, June 23

i've joined some leagues

It hasn't taken long to fill up my time this summer with activities. Though I've never considered playing in a golf league, somehow this summer I've talked myself into playing in a women's league on Tuesday nights. My handicap is something to be ashamed of, but all in all it has been a fun experience. And besides that, my partner and I have successfully lowered the average age of the league participants. We are going multi-generational this summer!

Saturdays I've committed to playing coed slow pitch softball for the Rochester Telephone Company's team. We are small and weak, but pulled out a win last week, so we are hoping our time is coming. And I've even had a few fans stop by and catch a couple innings! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma.

The 11-12 year old softball team that I am helping coach is in tournament play this week, we are seeded #1 and hope to win the whole thing on Saturday. The other coach is trying to talk me into helping coach the all-star team. I'm not sure I'm interested, but we'll see.

Summers are fun, ice cream always hits the spot, berries of some sort are always ripe, and I am always willing to eat them.