Friday, May 28

the recap

You may have noticed my reading list, on the right side of this blog, has been stagnant for a few months. Or maybe you've wondered what I've been up to lately, and popped on to the blog to check it out. Nothing new since March 17! Same old post. Yet the days keep ticking along.

Unlike the stagnation of my blog these past few months, life here in Rochester has been rather interesting. Interesting is one of those throw away words that can be literally used for a variety of situations, sometimes even contrasting situations. So I will elaborate as to what "interesting" means for my life these days.

Getting up at 5:30 am isn't my favorite thing to do, though I would consider myself a morning person for the most part. But most days of the week I rise as the sun is rising. Preparing myself for another day of teaching high school Biology & Anatomy. My long term substitute teaching position ends today as school is out for the summer. Substitute teaching was interesting this spring in many ways. Interesting in how I had to study my tail off to teach Anatomy for the quarter. Interesting that I had to lead a fetal pig (week long) dissection, though I had never even seen the inside of a fetal pig. Interesting in the array of discipline issues that were ever present and increasingly annoying as the days progressed.

Residing in hometown America brings out all kinds of interesting situations, too. Some of which I have previously elaborated on. Recently, I've volunteered to help coach an 11-12 softball team that plays twice a week, been recruited to play coed slow pitch softball on Saturdays, and have been tossing around the idea of joining a women's golf league on Tuesdays this summer. When I moved to Rochester I was envisioning a slow paced life with lots of spare time to read, enjoy the sun and walk the dog. What I've found is that reading doesn't make the priority list anymore, the dog's walks are increasingly shorter (sorry Jasper), and I've desperately missed the sun, which stayed hidden much of May.

But...summer is here! I would like to think I would have more time to sit and contemplate my next move in life, but reality speaks loudly as I notice, free time is someone else's luxury.