Monday, June 1

Cartoon Trivia

Did you know that the Disney movie Dumbo was made in the 1940s?

I'm not much of a cartoon fan. I never really have been, even as a wee little tyke. Sometimes it is all I can do to sit through a 30 minute cartoon show, let alone a cartoon movie. It might have started with my parents taking me to my first cartoon movies, The Fox and the Hound, and 101 Dalmatians. Both of which had very scary scenes in them for an under 4 year old. I mean, Cruella Da Ville. She is one scary beast. Even now, after all these years...yikes. And that big ole black bear in the Fox and the Hound. I can't remember if it was me or Emily who was screaming bloody murder in the theater during that scene, but it made an impression on me, none the less.

Some members of my family love cartoons. Have always loved cartoons past and present.

Last week I watched two old Disney Cartoon Movies with Lana and Kyle. Lana finds these old gems in the Taylor library and will bring them home occasionally for a little walk down memory lane.

Robin Hood - circa 1971
The Jungle Book - circa 1962

Some things I learned: Interestingly, the voice of Baloo the Bear in the Jungle Book is the same guy who plays Little John's voice in Robin Hood. Both bears, so I guess that is not too surprising. Though the snake voices in both movies, Caa and Hiss are not the same person. Go figure.

The funny thing about old cartoons is that they are musicals. Catchy little tunes, that run through your head days later. "Bear Necessities", anyone? I hadn't seen The Jungle Book since I was probably six years old and I still could sing a good bit of the "Bear Necessities" song. Weird.

Though cartoons aren't my thing. I am entirely impressed with that form of art.


Stacy Pomeroy said...

So true! Pinnochio was made in 1939! and EVERYONE know "when you wish upon a star"...It's the kids fav movie right now for some reason. Funny b/c Jiminy Cricket makes a comment when the fairy princess comes he says "my what they can do these days". in 1939!!lol and there's a donkey seen and of course they use the biblical term which doesn't seem right to say or even type yet this kids movie says Jack--- at least ten times! How times change...

Melissa/Mel said...

now i want to watch jungle book...

Brooks said...

Now I have bear necessities stuck my head!

Lana Joy said...

I wouldn't have made you watch them all if I knew you weren't a fan, sorry. We have Australia here, and everyone says I should watch it with my sister, and not Kyle. So how about that? We'll do it on our newly designed living room -- blanket and sheet on the floor with pillows. It's actually quite comfy.