Wednesday, February 25

you heard it here

"You gotta be 5% lunatic to do this!" (per sustainable farming)

Quote by one of the speakers at the Food, Farm and Energy Gathering that I attended last weekend in Indianapolis.

Tuesday, February 17

Jiggity Jig

After 2600 miles of interstate driving in combination with nearly 40 hours of watching the road pass under the wheels of my truck, I can't describe how nice it is to be stationary for a moment or two, before heading into my new field of hands-on study at Victory Acres Farm. I'll be back and forth between there and mom & dad's until the remodel is done on my room at the farm. Most likely the beginning of March.

I have a new address now. If you would like it, feel free to shoot me an email and I'd be happy to pass that on to you.

As a side note: if any of you saw that program on t.v. about the killer on the Appalachian Trail, that guy was not the guy Megan and I ran into in 05. I've gotten a few emails, texts and calls about him, and I had never even heard of him. The guy we ran into did not kill on the Appalchian Trail, he was just hiding there. Not that that is any better, since he did kill elsewhere, but I thought I'd try to clear up any misunderstandings. Thanks for being concerned.

Sunday, February 8

bob the builder

Bob the builder would be proud of me. Well...proud of Mare and I, that is. The past couple of weeks we have been commissioned to build Lavender Wind Farm a cold frame the size of Noah's Ark. This cold frame will be home to wee little plants that have been started under lights and on heat mats and are ready to begin their hardening off phase of life. The cold frame will create a warm little home for these plants until they are ready to face the chilly spring of the great northwest.

Though at times it seemed more like a comedy of errors, Mare and I successfully finished our project this week. This 8' x 4' box will be a great addition to Lavender Wind Farm's organic growing vision.

On the same note. I had been wanting to build a cold frame for Suzie here on Spyglass Dr for some time. After starting the project at the farm I decided that procrastination could no longer be a legitimate excuse. On Saturday, Amber helped me construct this much smaller box (made of an old window and scrap lumber) for Suzie's garden. I think it turned out great, I do hope she likes it.

380 days

380 days. That is how many days I lived on Whidbey Island. When I moved there, I didn't know how long I would stay, or if I'd ever leave. I tried not to think about it, but as time dissolved around me, eventually life began to change shape. And that is why I love this thing, life. I love the unknowns. Unknown people. Unknown places. Unknown experiences that shape our ever-changing life.

Tomorrow morning I get up, sit behind the wheel of my truck, and roll on out of here. It feels weird and exciting. Sad. But right. I love life on Whidbey Island. And my experience here has been full. But it is time to continue life elsewhere. Home, I shall go.