Monday, June 29

Berry Pickin'

In spending so much time outside in amongst edible plant life, I have become aware of the cycles of certain wild plants. Mainly berries. As strawberry season has ended, and sad that is, other berries come on in fullness. The mulberry trees are loaded with those almost too sweet berries. We have white mulberry trees as well as black ones on the outskirts of the fields and along the creek. Mulberries are a sweet treat, but it is queer how I never hear of them being eaten apart from a few hand fulls as one passes by a tree. As many berries as those trees produce, and for such an extended fruiting season, you would think people would be making mulberry pies, muffins, sauces, and jam. Why don't we hear of such things?

This week I spent four or five hours walking the perimeter of the various patches of woods to locate the first fruits of the black raspberry bushes. I enjoy picking black raspberries for a few reasons. Firstly, they are generally waist high. Very little bending and reaching is required when picking. Second, they aren't hard to find. They grow on the edge of forests and along fence rows or creeks. It is true that you can get all scratched up from the thorns, but oh how it is worth it. To find a thick patch of black raspberries is the ultimate prize. In my hours of wanderings I've located a few thick patches that will be a perfect place to return for round two of black raspberry pickins.

During my pilgrimage around the acreage here on the farm, I also spotted wild blackberries that will be ready for picking later this month. I mentally noted their locations and will be happy to return in a few weeks for the next onslaught of berries.

In addition to these wild berries, we are growing red raspberries on the farm. These berries will be the last ones to fruit and worth the wait. Until then, I'll be enjoying the wild fruit that are so abundant here at Victory Acres.


Margaret said...

Nothing like fresh berries! Are you going to make mulberry jam or pie, or perhaps black raspberry jam or pie?

Lana Joy said...

Margaret, we made a black raspberry-rhubarb cobbler that was TO DIE for. Oh dear. I could have eaten the whole thing, and am quite sure I had seconds...of dessert. I think we had some black raspberry pancakes, too, with Mom & Dad over the 4th. They were phenomenal. Try that some time. Highly recommended.