Saturday, February 13

looking for a job?

"Love sports, strong women and have some free time?? Do you lose your voice during other sporting event screaming at a referee's "bad call" and think....I could do that? We are looking for dedicated people, male & female, age 21 or older to train to become a FW Derby Girl referee. If you are unaffected by angry, screaming skaters and can handle a small bruise or two, then we'd love to meet you. Please click on the coaches/referee contact link above and tell us about yourself. Some skating ability is preferred."

Hmmm....a roller derby referee? Now there's an exciting job!!

I managed to talk a friend into heading to Fort Wayne last night to catch Fort Wayne's Derby Girls taking on a Canadian team from Hamilton City, Ontario, as well as, an Indianapolis team called the Circle City Rollers. Roller Derby was a new experience for me. After getting an explanation of the rules and a demo before the first bout, it was actually quite exciting. I do have to admit there is somewhat of a "professional wrestling" feel to the whole experience which mostly has to do with the fact that each player has a pseudo name and sports accessories such as fishnet stockings or hot pink bloomers.

Here is a sampling of the type of names we are dealing with here:

  • Vicodoom
  • The Pink Painther
  • Perky Set
  • Develyn Side
  • Dicey
  • Pushy Cat

How popular is this sport? Well, lets just say it was a sold out crowd last night at the Collesium. Nuts! But tons of fun!

Tuesday, February 2

high school - round 2

The last two weeks I've been substitute teaching in a high school resource classroom. Students come in and out all day to get help with their regular classes. All of these students have some sort of learning disability and receive a variety of services from the teachers in this classroom.

The time I've spent in the "learning lab" helping students understand Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, English, Business Math, and Biology has been a stretch for me. I feel transported back in time to high school. Studying Odysseus's seaward travels, plotting algebraic equations, figuring out dimensions of packing materials, working punnet squares to determine genetic traits. And I'm hearing from the English teachers that the poetry unit is coming up. Yikes!
Maybe when I finish this maternity leave position, I'll be eligible for an additional high school diploma.

My time here will last through mid-March where I will then move to a Biology/Anatomy classroom in the same school to fill in for another teacher until the end of the semester. Dissection and all!!