Wednesday, June 23

i've joined some leagues

It hasn't taken long to fill up my time this summer with activities. Though I've never considered playing in a golf league, somehow this summer I've talked myself into playing in a women's league on Tuesday nights. My handicap is something to be ashamed of, but all in all it has been a fun experience. And besides that, my partner and I have successfully lowered the average age of the league participants. We are going multi-generational this summer!

Saturdays I've committed to playing coed slow pitch softball for the Rochester Telephone Company's team. We are small and weak, but pulled out a win last week, so we are hoping our time is coming. And I've even had a few fans stop by and catch a couple innings! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma.

The 11-12 year old softball team that I am helping coach is in tournament play this week, we are seeded #1 and hope to win the whole thing on Saturday. The other coach is trying to talk me into helping coach the all-star team. I'm not sure I'm interested, but we'll see.

Summers are fun, ice cream always hits the spot, berries of some sort are always ripe, and I am always willing to eat them.

Friday, May 28

the recap

You may have noticed my reading list, on the right side of this blog, has been stagnant for a few months. Or maybe you've wondered what I've been up to lately, and popped on to the blog to check it out. Nothing new since March 17! Same old post. Yet the days keep ticking along.

Unlike the stagnation of my blog these past few months, life here in Rochester has been rather interesting. Interesting is one of those throw away words that can be literally used for a variety of situations, sometimes even contrasting situations. So I will elaborate as to what "interesting" means for my life these days.

Getting up at 5:30 am isn't my favorite thing to do, though I would consider myself a morning person for the most part. But most days of the week I rise as the sun is rising. Preparing myself for another day of teaching high school Biology & Anatomy. My long term substitute teaching position ends today as school is out for the summer. Substitute teaching was interesting this spring in many ways. Interesting in how I had to study my tail off to teach Anatomy for the quarter. Interesting that I had to lead a fetal pig (week long) dissection, though I had never even seen the inside of a fetal pig. Interesting in the array of discipline issues that were ever present and increasingly annoying as the days progressed.

Residing in hometown America brings out all kinds of interesting situations, too. Some of which I have previously elaborated on. Recently, I've volunteered to help coach an 11-12 softball team that plays twice a week, been recruited to play coed slow pitch softball on Saturdays, and have been tossing around the idea of joining a women's golf league on Tuesdays this summer. When I moved to Rochester I was envisioning a slow paced life with lots of spare time to read, enjoy the sun and walk the dog. What I've found is that reading doesn't make the priority list anymore, the dog's walks are increasingly shorter (sorry Jasper), and I've desperately missed the sun, which stayed hidden much of May.

But...summer is here! I would like to think I would have more time to sit and contemplate my next move in life, but reality speaks loudly as I notice, free time is someone else's luxury.

Wednesday, March 17

this is how I know spring is here

There is nothing like warm sunshine on a new spring day. I'm discovering the first buds on the trees, daffodils pushing up between dead leaves and rocks, and song birds cheerfully greeting me in my predawn walks with the dog.

All of these are signs of spring, along with, late night basketball games at the local park, and pairs of people taking long walks or short ones, just to breathe in the cool first breaths of the new season.

The first signs of spring also usher in the beloved season of march madness. Weeks before the tournament, analysts make their predictions, fans voice their opinions, and the masses converge to carefully fill in their brackets as the teams receive their final seeds.

If you have not noticed the changes of the season, look around, feel the energy in the air, enjoy the fresh air, and don't forget to fill in your NCAA tournament bracket. And may the best team win!

Wednesday, March 10

it's official...i'm old

Student: "How old are you?"
Me: "31"
Student: "No you aren't. You aren't that old."
Me: "Yes, I am."

As I walk away, I hear her turn to a friend and say, "I want to look that good when I'm old."

I turned around and looked at her, and she kind of turned red. "I mean..."

Wednesday, March 3

in the paper today...

As I was perusing the paper today I came across an article describing a fire at the New York City courthouse. Lucky day for rapper 'Lil Wayne', who had had his court date suspended due to the fire. This was the second time the court date was suspended. Evidently last month the date was pushed back so he could have surgery on his gemstone-encrusted teeth.

Saturday, February 13

looking for a job?

"Love sports, strong women and have some free time?? Do you lose your voice during other sporting event screaming at a referee's "bad call" and think....I could do that? We are looking for dedicated people, male & female, age 21 or older to train to become a FW Derby Girl referee. If you are unaffected by angry, screaming skaters and can handle a small bruise or two, then we'd love to meet you. Please click on the coaches/referee contact link above and tell us about yourself. Some skating ability is preferred."

Hmmm....a roller derby referee? Now there's an exciting job!!

I managed to talk a friend into heading to Fort Wayne last night to catch Fort Wayne's Derby Girls taking on a Canadian team from Hamilton City, Ontario, as well as, an Indianapolis team called the Circle City Rollers. Roller Derby was a new experience for me. After getting an explanation of the rules and a demo before the first bout, it was actually quite exciting. I do have to admit there is somewhat of a "professional wrestling" feel to the whole experience which mostly has to do with the fact that each player has a pseudo name and sports accessories such as fishnet stockings or hot pink bloomers.

Here is a sampling of the type of names we are dealing with here:

  • Vicodoom
  • The Pink Painther
  • Perky Set
  • Develyn Side
  • Dicey
  • Pushy Cat

How popular is this sport? Well, lets just say it was a sold out crowd last night at the Collesium. Nuts! But tons of fun!

Tuesday, February 2

high school - round 2

The last two weeks I've been substitute teaching in a high school resource classroom. Students come in and out all day to get help with their regular classes. All of these students have some sort of learning disability and receive a variety of services from the teachers in this classroom.

The time I've spent in the "learning lab" helping students understand Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, English, Business Math, and Biology has been a stretch for me. I feel transported back in time to high school. Studying Odysseus's seaward travels, plotting algebraic equations, figuring out dimensions of packing materials, working punnet squares to determine genetic traits. And I'm hearing from the English teachers that the poetry unit is coming up. Yikes!
Maybe when I finish this maternity leave position, I'll be eligible for an additional high school diploma.

My time here will last through mid-March where I will then move to a Biology/Anatomy classroom in the same school to fill in for another teacher until the end of the semester. Dissection and all!!

Sunday, January 24

You know you live in a small town when...

1...after filling out a P.O. box application form, the postal clerk says, "Oh, so you're moving into Bob's house, eh?" Startling. No where on the form had I written my grandparents names, just their house address. This guy is good, real good.
2...upon introducing myself to some students studying at a table in the special education room where I am now working, one of them says, "Are you related to Steve, the realtor?" I replied that he was my dad, and he continues with, "I need to talk to him!" Okay, that was a little too much. Here is a 17 year old student who evidently is interested in fixing up old houses, and wants some purchasing advise from my father. Weird. I was bending down to pick up a 4o lb bag of dog food that I had just paid for at the Wal-Mart register, I hear, "Hey, ex!" What? I turn and look, and there is my ex-neighbor, Dave, shouting out a friendly greeting. I was a little taken aback, being that the term 'ex' could be associated with just about anything, but most commonly, ex-spouses. He quickly realized that yelling out the word 'ex', in the middle of Wal-Mart, was a bit awkward and immediately corrected it with "ex-neighbor", as I looked up to see who was addressing me. Hilarious! get mistaken for your brother's wife. Wait till you hear this...I was called to substitute teacher in one of the local elementary schools for gym class. I arrived and was directed by the secretary to call the gym teacher to get the lessons for the day. When I called her (she happens to be my old elementary gym teacher), I first gave her my name and then asked her what we were going to be doing for the day. She immediately starts with, "So, are you Evan's, Leslie?" I started to answer yes, because I had no idea what she was talking about, but then I corrected myself and told her I was Evan's sister and Steve's second daughter. She proceeded with, "I heard Evan married a Leslie, so you are his wife?" Um, no. I'm his sister, Evan actually married an Emily. There are two Emilys in the family, not two Leslies. Her next remark continued to confuse me, "Oh, so who are you?" I couldn't think of who I was, besides Evan's sister and Steve's second daughter. So I just repeated that statement. The connection must have clicked after that, because she immediately exclaimed, "Oh, are you the hiker?" Whew, we got that cleared up, I guess. I'm 'the hiker', here in Rochester, evidently. Good to know.

Tuesday, January 19

Moving Day

Imagine that - I've moved again. Four times in 365 days. And for the first time in four years, I can't haul all my belongings in my Jimmy. Makes for more of a headache on moving day, eh?

After reflecting on my random and sporadic moves hither and thither, I've made, what I consider, a wise decision to get a P.O. box this time around. At least for the next 6 months. So if anyone needs my address I'd be happy to send it your way. Just shoot me an email.

Tuesday, January 12

the beauty of frigid temperatures

I've missed ice skating. Ever since I moved away from Indiana (2001), the timing of my return at Christmas has been too early to reap the benefits of lake frontage in Indiana winters. So year after year, I would gear up for my flight home to Fulton County at Christmas time, hoping this year would be the year the ice would be thick enough for a long overdue ice skating adventure. And time and time again I was disappointed. Only to get a phone call a week or two after returning to everyday life in North Carolina, Montana, Washington (wherever it was I was living) to describe the depth of the ice that had now formed on the lake.

To the best of my ability to recall past events, I haven't laced up a pair of ice skates since I was 20 years old. Now crunching the numbers, and doing the arithmetic, that calculates out to be about 11 years of winters absent of the beloved activity of ice skating.

This realization lead me to endeavor the great task of shoveling about ten inch deep snow off of a small section of frozen Lake Manitou. Thankfully Dad made his way out to the rink to aid me in my obsession. And together we carved out of snow a perfect little rink. Admittedly, a small rink for ice skating, but just enough ice to enjoy on skates.