Wednesday, January 21

a new season

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas has come and gone, kind of like 2008. What ever happened to that year, anyway?


I'm sitting here, trying to remember what I've been up to these past 365 days? It was about this time last year that I made the move to keep heading west out of Montana. Nearly as west as I can get without getting a salty sea bath. And with the old year coming to a close and the new one before me, I'm once again contemplating my next step. What to do? Where to go? What's the best thing for me this year?

To give you all a peek into my future - God willing, this is what 2009 will look like for me.

My 2009 life plan consists of living and working on an organic CSA farm. I have applied and interviewed with five CSA farms in different parts of the country and am in the last phase of deciding which farm program will best fit me. My goals for the year include gaining first hand knowledge and understanding of how a CSA farm works in hopes that I will be qualified to be a small farm manager the following year. I've slowly and painfully narrowed down the options to three - a farm in WA, one in NY and one in IN (that's right, hoosierland). Can you believe it?

By the end of this month I will have decided which farm will be my new home for the year. I'm excited, a little nervous, and mainly curious as to what this new year will bring forth for me.


Brian and Raendra said...

(Fingers Crossed).....Indiana, Indiana, Indiana! Did you get the link to "the best job in the world?"

Kristi said...

You lead such an adventurous life! Hiking the AT, working a lavender farm, now training to be a farm manager...
I love my life as a mom, but yours is sure fun to follow!

the Lady of Dragonwood said...

I love your adventures! Come visit Dragonwood next time you're in the area, ok?

Melissa/Mel said...

can't wait to hear which farm you pick. i hope the one in WV is close to Merilee and that you pick that one :)

Alaina said...

You know my pick! Here's hoping!!!