Wednesday, January 21

Rocky Mountain High

For the last ten days I've been hanging out in Colorado. I think I've decided to make it an annual trip. Last January I spent time in Colorado Springs, Denver and Breckenridge. This January I made it a priority, to do the same. I am fortunate to have great friends in Colorado. I love visiting, relaxing, and getting beat up on the slopes.
Kajsa Joy is my friend Rudy's (IWU alum) daughter. She is six months and beautiful.
Me, Erin, Megan, Cliff and Riccara hit the slopes on Saturday at Breckenridge.

Calli treated me to a tasty lunch at a small town restaurant called "Taste Buds". The special - Rocky Mountain Oysters. That's right folks, you are looking at fried bull's testicles.

Chad and Megan fight for the title of "battleship champion". Megan wins...again...and again.

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