Friday, January 9

This Blessed Thing We Call Water

Water. The life giving liquid created by the bonding of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom. We can't live without it. It quenches the thirst that no other liquid can quench. It is good.

It is good, that is...only when it is, in fact, good. Bad water can be quite detestable.

Below are two pictures taken in my house. This is the water that is coming out of the tap. The lower picture (toilet) is the "clean" water after the flush. I'm not lying.

I'm a little scared. Yikes.


Alaina said...

I'm a little scared for you. :) Yuck. :)

Mom said...

I hope you are drinking boiled or bottled water only.

Kristi said...

Yuck! Did that just happen? And if so, what happened? I'd be stocking up on bottled if I were you!

Beka Dean said...

can you say, "giardia"?

Margaret said...

Hmmm... I'm sure our bodies take in much worse than whatever is in that water everyday, but just looking at it is a bit alarming.