Tuesday, June 17

the news

News Worthy: My little sister called to tell me she is engaged. To be married in September, no less.

Also News Worthy: I've been asked to be a bridesmaid. Super cool.

Not News Worthy But Kind a Fun: When I worked with middle and high school youth I used to have an arsenal of games on hand to play in the unexpected and inconvenient down time that always seemed to surface. One of my favorites is called "two truths and a lie". The point is to say three statements about yourself, two of them true and one a lie. The other participants must guess which statement is the lie. It is a great way to learn quirky things about others. Below are two truths and one lie . Can you figure out which of the following statements is the lie?

  1. I've been pooped on by a tiger.

  2. I've been a bridesmaid eight times.

  3. My favorite place that I've traveled, so far, is Italy.


Kristi said...

I really like your creative use of driftwood...

As far as two truths and a lie, I'm thinking that the tiger poop is too random to be made up. It's a toss-up between the other two, but I figure that by the end of your AT adventure that Mt. Katahdin must be up there with your favorite places, so I'm going with you've actually been a bridesmaid "not equal" to eight times.

Melissa/Mel said...

oh my word...that tulip picture is absoluetly amazing.

i was gonna guess that Itay is the lie.

i think you like this game so much cause you've had such an interesting life!

Alaina said...

We are so excited about Lana! It will be a busy time.

The tiger poop is random but I'm guessing true :), I know you've been a bridesmaid a bunch of times. Not sure you've been to Italy so I'll guess that's a lie. :)

Calli said...

seems like italy is the popular vote. i would only call myself a bandwagoner when it comes to the colorado rockies, but i am going to have to agree considering i think we've had conversations about the first two.


Leslie said...

Okay. Time is up, the lie...is that I have not traveled to Italy.

Lana's wedding will be the ninth wedding that I will have been in come September. And I held a baby tiger cub at Metrolina Wildlife Park, where it promptly pooped on my shorts. Grrrr.