Tuesday, June 10

what summer?

I'm trying to be patient and mature about the whole thing. The whole temperature thing. I keep checking the calendar, and I have verified that it is June. In fact it is ten days into the sixth month of this year. Then why? Tell me why it feels like March?

High 54 today. 52 yesterday. 55 tomorrow.

The worst, is that I keep getting weather updates from friends and family members in the Midwest and the southern US. "It is hot out here". That is all I'm hearing. I'd like at least one day where I can say, "it's hot out here".
The only consolation I have is that it isn't actually summer yet. June 21st is still over a week away. I will, then, limit my meteorological outbursts until the change of the seasons.

Per Slugs:
  1. Disturbing Discovery: 6 inch long slug
  2. Disturbing Discovery # 2: slugs love Tah Tsai, Spinach and Mustard Greens
  3. Removal Strategy: Beer (they are lured to a saucer of beer, where they drink to their hearts content and then find they can't escape)
  4. Question: Have you ever shared a beer with a slug?
  5. Toast: To the health of my garden and to the health of all slugs outside of my garden's perimeter.

I thought it was Bailey poop at first, but no. It is the most ginormous slug ever! And to the top left of the slug, there is another slug (dark brown). Under normal circumstances, I would have thought that second slug was huge, however, it looks like a pipsqueak next to "dino-slug".


Mom said...

Incredible! An elephant of a slug! Great comparison with your hand, though admittedly a small, "so sweet" hand. Remember how much Mrs. Wickline loved your tiny "sweet" hands? She mentioned them at least once a month at your piano lessons, as she smiled her big, eye-crinkling smile.

I'm glad you have a cure for the slug problem. I have actually heard of that solution before, though I never had cause to try it.

May summer come swiftly to Whidbey and linger for a full three months! And may you have opportunity to fully enjoy it!

Missing you!

Kristi said...

Oh my word that is the biggest, most gross thing ever! And before you go missing "hot" too much, let me remind you what 98 degrees feels like in the NC humidity... We're melting here!

But I hope you get some temps in the 70s or low 80s soon!

Melissa/Mel said...

that slug is amazing. and gross.

i think 80 is refreshingly cool...how does that fit into your weather musings?

Calli said...

yuck, yuck, yuck...that is for the weather and the slug, but moreso the slug!