Saturday, March 8

the filling of life

  • my 5 year old niece calls me to find out how magnetism works

  • my Bozeman buddies love to inform me when they play Settlers of Catan in order to entice me to move back to the Gallatin Valley

  • a random comment from a long-distance friend helps me fix my errant computer

  • Amber and Dan's world travel plans make my blood pump faster

  • fruit trees being delivered to 307 Spyglass - our orchard is taking shape

  • connecting with an old IWU friend in Seattle, who randomly looked me up this week

and last but not least

  • chocolate chardonnay ice cream made by local Whidbey Ice Cream


Alaina said...

Can you go ahead and send me some of that icecream?! :) Sounds so good!

Leslie said...

It is soooo good, and I even mixed some of the culinary lavender from the farm in it for an even better taste! You'd love it!

the hoops said...

Hey Leslie,
I don't know if you will remember me or not, or how could you not since I was a bench rider for IWU. I found your blog as I got lost in the blogging world. Wow you have had some awesome adventures. Glad to see you are doing well.
Rachel Potter

Anonymous said...

First -- Who helped you and how did you fix your computer?
Second -- Hook me UP with that ice cream.
Third -- I want to hear how your meeting with random IWU friend went.
Fourth -- I miss you. Our NC adventure seems so long ago, and yet it wasn't.

Leslie said...

Lydia helped me. Crazy, huh? And, sorry ice cream will have to wait until you visit. So come on out.