Sunday, March 9

my reality

  • two things I've decided I can not have enough of:
  1. wool socks
  2. anything fleece (ex: hats, socks, pants, jackets)

(and this list, of course, does not include food items, it would be much longer with edibles included)

  • Some of you may have read my sister, Lana's, blogged account of her black bean soup failure. I am, as I type this, attempting to successfully recreate the soup that she has sworn to never cook again. Maybe this Gottschalk can outsmart the wee little black bean!
  • The heating blanket under my seedlings must be working. I have Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, Mustard Greens, Radishes (I'm not sure why I planted these, I can't stand radishes), Paste Tomatoes, Kohlrabi (don't really know what that is), Tri-color Tomatoes, Japanese Mizuno Greens, and Cilantro all popping up out of their warm soil home!
  • The rabbits, deer, and voles are doing a number on my crocuses, primroses, daffodils, and tulips. Tulips seems to be the favorite. As soon as a little tulip leaf pokes through the soil, it is mowed off to a stub.
  • I think the word, 'thistle', is a cute word. I wish the weed was just as cute. It's not, and it's invasive. I'm battling it's proliferation in the yard. I'm declaring war, and I will win. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will be eradicated.
  • I used to dislike pears. My love for them has recently blossomed. I think I'm finally getting my adult taste buds. It's about time.


Dad said...

Leslie, thistles are actually quite lovely when in bloom, with the purple blossoms, full of bumble bees! In indiana, the Canada thisle is a pest and should be killed on sight. That is the plant where the tiny black seeds come from that feed the finches all winter long!

Leslie said...

Okay, maybe I should not be so vengeful. But they are definitely fast spreading.

Alaina said...

I love hearing about your gardening. I can't wait to get into mine but I know it will be over a month yet and that's pushing it!

What are the Japanese greens? Can they be grown in Indiana? I always plant so many tomatoes because there is nothing like homegrown tomatoes!

I've been debating my gardening strategy for this year - we'll see what the final result is. And hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it better this year! I love spring!

Kristi said...

A random thought here, I love the taste of pears, but can't stand the texture of them on my teeth...

I can't wait to hear how the bean soup went and may you win the war against thistle!


Leslie said...

That was exactly my problem with pears. I felt like there was sand in them. For some reason it doesn't bother me anymore.

Merilee said...

thanks for the invite to come visit you! Oh, how I would love that! and if i come to stay on your farm, my only stipulation is that there would be room for oso, my dog to come as well...or maybe just my chickens...or just leave it all behind and make new animal friends on your farm!

Anonymous said...

Remember the Christmas I got a 10 lb. can of pears from Grandpa, and he laughed until he cried and I turned beet red and wanted to die? Despite that event, I still love pears. To my dying day, I'm afraid, I will love them. Mmmm. I'm craving one so badly right now.

Melissa said...

My goodness you are to great! I was going through some old emails and saw your blog address... and here you are living a wonderful life. Damn I wish I had the power to teleport! I would be there in a flash to see this cute set up you've acquired.
I got your message from the other day... oh I guess last week now... and I have not forgotten you. Big city life has me busier than ever... actually its having roommates who always invite me to things and I have almost no ability to decline... so busy I am. But I soon hit the road to Eugene, OR and will begin my field season on April 9th. I'm stoked!
I will be in touch soon! Cheers my friend!
-Melissa Bennett

stephanie said...

kohlrabi is actually quite good. It's a mild vegetable with I think the texture of raw broccoli stem.

I also love pears, particularly the red pears!