Tuesday, February 26

self reflection = I am crazy after all

It has never been hard for me to adjust to new surroundings, to meet new people or to try something I've never tried before. I think my comfort zone is quite large in that respect. I'm comfortable just about anywhere. In most cases I would rationalize that this is a good trait to have. It has allowed me to adventure to new cities, new states and new countries, it has urged me to try new jobs and eat new foods, in fact. But just recently I've realized that sometimes being comfortable with your surrounding may be risky in some situations.

Evidence: I keep forgetting to lock the door of public restrooms . This happens almost every time I go to the bathroom in a "one person" public bathroom (coffee shops, the library, convenience stores). I walk in like it's my personal bathroom, drop trou and then as I'm settled on the toilet, that's when it hits me that the door is unlocked and open to anyone interested in going. So of course frantic moments of life pass as I'm hurrying to do my most natural business.

How can I be that comfortable? Weird.

More thoughts:
  • My hair is too shaggy but I hate paying for haircuts. Time to learn a new skill.
  • I'm giving up my electric blanket to be a warmer for my germinating seeds (am I crazy?)
  • I hang my trash from the garage rafters because I don't want to pay for trash service (I am definitely crazy)


The Millers said...

So, are you really living on Whidbey Island? While in Africa, right above my computer I have a very nice sunset shot of the water and the mountains from a dear friend, Amanda. Who just so happens to have grown up on that very island. Leslie, it sounds like you are quite busy yourself! Kenny and I might be trying our hand at organic gardening type stuff in New Zealand in fall of 2009....
And, I think, we are hitting the PCT starting in 2010...what do you think?? Tempting, eh?

Calli said...

what does it mean if none of your craziness really comes as a surprise? does it surprise you?

Mom said...

I had a friend in college who had a cute short haircut. I was surprised when she said she cut it herself! I don't know how she did it, but I'll bet you could figure it out! She did have a bit of wave in her hair and that might have allowed for some flexibility in accuracy of cut!
As you are practicing this new skill, assuming you decide to attempt it, just remember this: "The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is about three weeks."
Since you wear a hat, even in your house, you should be able to practice and cover it up until it grows back. But hurry, because warmer weather is coming and you may not want to wear hats everywhere! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Giving up the electric blanket in a house where you can see your breath? Les, come on. Self before seeds, I always say. Okay, I don't always say it, but seriously, I feel you should not neglect your personal comfort for SEEDS.
And trash. Um...what do you DO with the trash. Eventually? At all? Dear me.

Anonymous said...

Leslie--Remember me? Gretchen from IWU. I have no idea why I was thinking about you the other day and so I did some looking. Anyway, I live in Seattle. If for some reason you do remember me (think education major, T&F athlete, tall, blond, and I like to think humorous...), we should hang out and catch up on life! I'm not a blogger, but you can email me at gmn30@yahoo.com! :) G

Melissa/Mel said...

okay squat...you made me laugh out loud...for quite awhile! THANKS. a couple thoughts...first - being comfy is good...but lock the bathroom door...if not for your sake, then for the sake of hte person who is about to walk in one you.

second...when my hair was super short in college i cut it myself...grab a mirror and some scissors and go do town...or find a friend to do it for you. you just have the attitude that its hair...it will grow...and a bad haircut can only last so long!