Sunday, February 24

the surprise. the shock. the compromise.

Suzie surprised me when I came home from work on Tuesday, with the news that she had procured for me, from our chef-neighbor, a five-gallon bucket of food scraps per day for our worm farm! The worm farm that ironically, we hadn't started yet.

I was appalled and repelled by her enthusiastic assurance that the worms (again, the worms we didn't have yet) would and could take care of five, five-gallon buckets of food per week. My mind instantly shouted out against the foolhardy idea. I think my exact verbiage was, "WHAT? Suzie, no!". I'm pretty sure I slightly offended her by my adamant negative responses to her insistence that I wouldn't have to do a thing, the worms would do all the work.

All my mind could picture was the number of rats and other critters I'd have to fight off because of the smell of rotten food which would be wafting from the garage. I could see myself tying a rag around my nose and braving the stench to "turn" the worm compost that would be falling out of the worm bin with every turn. None of my visions were pleasant, all were nightmares.

Thankfully, after frantically digging up information on worm consumption (1 lb of scraps per week for a one square foot area) we were able to come to a compromise that in my opinion is much more realistic!

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