Tuesday, August 28

Rocky Top

After finishing my Americorps term in Billings, I packed up my Jimmy and headed south to Colorado for a spontaneous vacation before moving to Bozeman at the end of this week. I was fortunate enough to meet up with two of my college buddies, Melissa and Merilee in Rocky Mountain National Park to do a three day backpacking trip. All three of us headed down to Colorado Springs then, after the backpacking trip commenced.

I've been in C. Springs hanging out with some former IWU grads and Calli (who can only wish she was an IWU grad). It has been great catching up with college friends, acquaintances, and meeting local folks.

Crazy but true: I went on a walk today to Old Colorado City, just down the road from where Calli is living. And I stumbled into a friend I had met on the Appalachian Trail last year during the thru-hike. Her trail name was Grits and she was the one who told me about Americorps. The information she gave me about Americorps last year is the reason I'm living in Montana today. Intense!

Merilee, Melissa, Me


Mom said...

That is incredible! How fun was it to meet Grits! What an neat blessing!

Looks like a wonderful time with your friends!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this. Awesome! I was just looking at that picture of you and one of the girls, looking out over the scenery-the lakes and trees-and I honestly can't even imagine what that's like. It blows my mind. I think that communion with nature - what I imagine it to be - would intoxicate me. I think I'd become addicted to it. Perhaps that keeps me away more than anything else.