Tuesday, August 28

Give me an E!

The exciting moment of today: Calli and I summited Mt. Elbert today at 9:15 am.


  • Mt. Elbert stands a whopping 14,433 ft above sea level

  • Mt. Elbert is the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains

  • Mt. Elbert is the second highest peak in the lower 48 states (second to Mt. Whitney in California)

  • The air is thin up there

  • I couldn't breathe like a normal human being from 11,000 ft - 14,433 ft

  • I thought we would never make it

  • Calli was kind enough to wait for me every 35 seconds when I was taking a critical oxygen resupply break (I was nearly wheezing like an asthmatic)

The summit was amazing. The Lord held off the rain while we took four hours to hike up that massive rock! It only took us two hours to run down!


Melissa/Mel said...

glad you guys made it to the top. i was thinking about you guys! nice pics!

Anonymous said...

I miss you two!