Saturday, August 18

Climbing the Rimrocks

Noah, Jon, Don and myself went rock climbing Wednesday evening after work. Noah, Jon, and Don all live together along with two other guys. That house of guys is pretty amazing. They all have a wide variety of interests and passions. Noah is super passionate about hunting and fishing. Don is the expert rock climber. Jon rides BMX bikes and loves his video games (he has three different game systems). Tyler, another roommate, whitewater rafts and kayaks. And John John, the last of the five, is in to panning and mining for gold in his spare time.
So Don offered to take us rock climbing, which is very selfless, because we are much less skilled than he is. Therefore, he ends up spending a majority of the time belaying for us and setting up climbs that are super easy for him, but challenging for us. We each attempted a pretty crazy climb, of which we all failed, except Don. And then he set up a climb that was much more manageable for us.
Fun way to watch the day turn into night.

Here is Noah beginning one of the crack climbs. This crack stopped us all, except for Don, that is. Pictured below you can see Don resting in an indentation in the rock wall, before continuing on to the top.

Jon and I are reading as the sun sets behind us.

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