Saturday, August 18

Montana Fair

The State Fair came to Billings this week, and I finally found time to head on over to the Metra to see how Montana's Fair compared to Indiana's. The fair itself was much smaller than the Indiana State Fair - that seemed logical being that Montana's state population can fit inside the city of Indianapolis. Though Montana Fair was smaller than I remember the Indiana State Fair being, there were definitely some Montana gems here in the Treasure State. First of all, if you are in to gambling there was a bingo barn, and a Montana State Lottery booth. Secondly, the big event on Friday night was the Northern Rodeo Championships vs. a concert or some such thing that you might find in the Hoosier land. The variety of vendors was surprising. Vendors serving deep fried snickers, twinkies, oreos, and Pepsi. Vendors selling deep fat fried sausage on a stick, cheese on a stick, pickles on a stick. Vendors peddling tacos, gyros, black angus beef, pizza, corn dogs, you name it. And of course there were the traditional lemonade shake-ups, ice cream bars, and sodas that would break an individual if one should attempt to buy more than one or two. I indulged in a huckleberry shake after attending the rodeo.

But the one thing that I could pin down as being totally unique to Montana's Fair was the food choice of Rocky Mountain Oysters. And for all of you non-native westerners, these are not oysters at all, in fact they have nothing to do with seafood. Rocky Mountain Oysters, my friends, are deep fat fried bull testicles. I don't know many hoosiers that would go for that particular fair food. This hoosier, I can happily say, did not!

Partaking in the sweet delicacy of funnel cake heaven!

Extreme Canine Show: All stunt dogs were rescued from animal shelters across the U.S.

Calf Roping at the NRA (Northern Rodeo Association) Championship. I have a few rodeo videos that I took with my digital camera that I am hoping to put on the blog in the next week or so, once I figure out how to do it.

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