Tuesday, February 13


It didn't take me long to become acquainted with Billings. The city itself is relatively easy to navigate. Mainly because it has a casino on every other corner. Directions to any municipal location can be told using casinos as points of reference. I've never seen anything like it. And when I use the word casino, please don't think of the Las Vegas or Atlantic City digs. Basically any building with blacked out windows, or no windows at all has morphed into a little casino of sorts. According to the locals, the inner sanctum of these 'money snatchers' is rows of slot machines. I have to admit I haven't tried out my luck just yet.

Montana is kind of a study in and of itself. Of course the casino thing is a bit out of control, but not only that. It has only been recently (past few years) that the state has put a speed limit on the interstates that run through it. 'Use your best judgement', was the rule of thumb until the newly enforced speed limits came into existence. Another newly enforced law here in Montana is the 'open container' policy. A few years back, you could drink alcohol and drive. Now tell me how that is safe? Especially combined with the no speed limit issue.

This place is amazing! The more I find out the more amazed I become!

In true Montana fashion I will be attending a rodeo on Saturday evening, the second day of a three day event. Yee Haw!


Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine what it's like there. What about your job? How's that going? Are you guys having a blizzard like us? This is the 2nd day in a row that everything in this town has been cancelled. Pretty nice. I've been putting lots of time in on my quilt and the top layer is almost half done now. A good feeling.

Enjoy the rodeo.

Kristine said...

Glad you made it to Montana safely. I'll be checking in here to keep informed. How's the job?

Fulton County had a blizzard on the 13th. Twelve inches +, we've been digging out ever since. What is the weather in Billings like?