Saturday, February 17

How to Name a Casino

Since arriving in Billings a week ago Thursday, I've been exploring the city as much as possible. As I've mentioned in a previous post, Billings has a culture all of its own. I am intrigued by the ever-present casinos, and because of that I decided to record some of the casino names that I've stumbled across in the last week.
  • Magic Diamond
  • Casino Royale
  • Midas Touch
  • Jackpot
  • Bookie
  • Boomtown
  • Casino Mardi
  • Gold Dust
  • Monte Carlo
  • High Stakes
  • Jack Rabbit Red's
  • Little Nevada
  • Lucky Lil's
  • Lucky Cues
  • Nickel Ante
Now this, of course, is a small compilation of the numerous casino names in the area. I'd say this list is probably about 1/4 of the entire picture here in Billings. After studying the list a bit, I've noticed there are definite themes that the business owners use when determining a name. Sometimes the casino is named after a place, other times a person, often times it's named after gambling jargon (thus "Nickel Ante" and "High Stakes"). The names of course conjure up images of winning the jackpot. More realistic names like: Empty Pockets Casino, or Wasted Time Casino, don't really make it onto the signs. Though those names are obviously more truthful in their predictions, they don't really bring forth a desire to try one's luck at gaming.

A little game that I like to play: If I was a casino, what name would I have? This game is good to play when driving long distances, when stuck in boring business meetings, when you need a break from watching t.v. or listening to the radio. Try it out. It is kind of fun. Don't forget to pick a theme before you begin the brainstorm.


Brian said...

I think My casino name might be, "Heavy Winners". I don't know why....maybe its the 20lbs I've packed on this winter!

Evan said...

My casino name is Smokin' Gertrude's. The old people love to smoke in them.