Wednesday, January 10

Road Trip Musings

Cruise Control: Can you imagine driving across country without cruise control? No thank you.

Road Work: Though it is entirely annoying to interrupt my 80 mph speed for a bit of road work, our country gets five stars for our road systems. We can pretty much get anywhere we want with comfort and ease.

18 Wheelers: Why not use the railroads more? Anyone with me, on that one? I'm going to count the 18 wheelers that I pass tomorrow.

Speeding Tickets: Maybe 2007 will be my lucky year. Can I really go 365 days without getting a speeding ticket? Last year didn't really count since I walked for half of the year.

New Brakes: So pleasant! No screaming brake pads or smells of hot metal wafting up from the Jimmy's nether regions!

Cell Phones: Fun way to catch up with far away friends during dull moments of a solitary road trip.

Country Radio: I don't know exactly why, but I love thee!

Gas Station Toilets: Most entirely disgusting experience, but a necessity nonetheless. I hovered over four today.

Musings brought to you from Amarillo, Texas. Day one of my three day, cross country, road trip

1 comment:

bekadean said...

i loved this post. and my favorite line, as i'm sure you probably could have guessed, was the "wafting from the jimmy's nether regions". hilarious!

be safe!

~dave schlarb