Friday, January 12

First Snow

I woke up today to the first snow of the season. Probably not first snow for the majority of people in the Midwest, but since I've been hanging out in sunny Phoenix, snow has been absent from my winter. But today was different. Kansas City. Tiny flakes slowly falling, a light covering on the cars, roads, grass, and houses. It looks fantastic. I sometimes forget how much I miss snow. The last three years that I've been living in Concord, NC there hasn't been any snow to speak of. So, excited I am for this little taste of winter.

On a side note: I hope to continue to enjoy the snow since I am moving to Montana in February, where there is sure to be much more of this silly little white stuff.

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Carol said...

Rochester, IN had 50+ degrees and heavy rain all afternoon today. I think I would prefer some of that fluffy white stuff. Rain in January is dreary!

Watch the roads tomorrow as you leave Kansas. I think I heard "dangerous icy roads" and "Kansas City" in the same sentence on the radio today as they talked about the weather over the next few days.
See you soon.