Tuesday, January 9

First Cross Country Trip of 2007

2006 was a year of travel for me. Whether in a car, on foot, or in flight, I really scooted around this blessed country. I thought I'd post a recap of my 2006 locomotion.

Car (March): North Carolina to Indiana to Wisconsin to Georgia.
Foot (April-September): Georgia to Maine.
Car (September-October): Maine to Indiana to North Carolina to Arizona.
Plane (November): Arizona to Indiana and back to Arizona.
Car (December): Arizona to New Mexico to Texas and back to Arizona.

I believe in 2007 I will be more settled in my locale, albeit only a bit. Since my Conservation Corps job doesn't start for another month I've decided to head home to Indiana for a visit before moving myself westward to the "Big Sky Country". And so tomorrow I will uproot myself from the gorgeous winter weather of Arizona and begin the drive of 2000+ miles to the cold and dreary state of my birth. It will mark my first cross country trip in 07, with at least a few more to follow.


Andrew & Alaina said...

I would LOVE to get together!!! I'm not working much at all so pretty much anytime (except Friday mornings) work for us.

Love, Alaina

bekadean said...

the midwest has missed you.
so has the southeast.
for that matter, so has dave schlarb!