Sunday, January 14

Drip Drip Drop

Rain. Not such a bad thing really when associated with certain factors. Factors such as: (1) long, unyielding drought conditions (2) severe heat (3) unquenchable thirst (4) Sunday afternoon naps (5) tin roofs. On the other hand, I have discovered a problem with rain. In an attempt at not sounding too rash, maybe my problem isn't really with the rain. Hear me out and you decide.

Saturday morning I wake up in Kansas City, looking forward to finishing the last section of my cross country road trip to Indiana. Eight hours left of guiding my Jimmy along route 70 and I will be home sweet home. I step outside to warm up the truck. Brrrr. Five minutes of defrost eradicates the need to use an ice scraper. Most excellent fortune! I'm moving quickly along the interstate until I enter Missouri. Road conditions: poor. Ice and slush commandeer the passing lane. Traffic is cautious (more truthfully, unbearably slow). I lose precious minutes unable to pass the most responsible drivers. I count 29 cars in the median or on the side of the road, obscurely angled. I watch the temperature gage rise one degree at a time, praying that the freezing point will be broken and the ice will begin to melt. Illinois. Temperatures are above freezing. Ahhh, I can breathe easy now. No ice. Only rain. Ahhh, rain. Blessed rain. I love thee, wee drops falling from the sky, not causing severe road conditions, only splashing on the windshield and racing across my windows. It is at this moment that I am appreciating the rain, when I see out of the corner of my eye something fall. It is small and near my left shoulder. Definitely inside my car. Was it a bug? No, not a bug. Was it a piece of fuzz? Lent? No, neither. Then I hear a drop and feel something wet soak through my pants. What is it? Unbelieving, I look up at the roof of my car, I look above at the frame of my driver's door. I see a drop of water forming. My car door is leaking?!! And so it goes...for the rest of the trip through Illinois and Indiana: drip, drip, drop. Damp, wet, wetter! Rain! Oh, how I now lament your presence.

By the way, please tell me: Who in their right mind drives a car that leaks when it rains?

I guess someone who doesn't have a job, right? I concede!


bekadean said...

"wee drops"......hilarious!

i'm so excited for you to start yet the next phase of your unpredictable life journey. if i cannot take the same path with you, i find my joy in walking vicariously through your stories and memoirs!

Kristi said...

I found myself laughing out loud at the Toyota dealer while waiting for my car to be repaired. Thank you for your hilarious recount of a damp trip! I'll be back frequently to see how you are doing!