Thursday, January 18

How to Find Housing in Billings, Montana

This is going to sound crazy, so get ready. I still can't believe it myself.

A few weeks ago I sent a mass email to many of my friends and family, sharing with them the exciting news of my new job with the Montana Conservation Corps that would start in February. At the end of the email, mostly in jest, I made a comment about looking for housing in the Billings area and wondering if anyone knew folks out there that might be able to help me find a place. I chuckled as I sent the email off to thirty or forty folks, thinking, "Who knows someone in Montana?"

I kid you not when I say five of my friends responded to that email concerning acquaintances, friends, or family members whom they knew to live in the area of Billings, Montana! The first email that rolled in, I laughed out loud. Again, "I can't believe my friend knows someone who lives in Montana?" But when the second, third, fourth, and fifth email came back with news of friends in Montana, I was dumbfounded!

Now, to educate you a little about the state of Montana:
  • Population 900,000 (44th most populous state)
  • Fourth largest state (square mileage)
  • Nick Name: Treasure State
  • State Capital - Helena

As I researched a little about the state of Montana, I found that Billings is the largest city in the state with 100,000 residents. So 1/9th of all the people in this huge state live in Billings. And it dawned on me, that if anyone knows a living soul in Montana, they most likely will reside in Billings. This confirmed the number of positive emails I received concerning friends in the Big Sky State.

In no time at all I have been connected with a cousin of a friend from my college days. Cousin Kayla, has offered to let me rent a room in her town house, which happens to be located only minutes from my work headquarters. Now, let me remind you, I do not know cousin Kayla, she has never met me, and until today we had never spoken. And yet she is opening her house to me for six months. How likely is this scenario? Hardly believable, yet true! If I believed in fortune and luck, I would say that I am a person blessed with these things. But it doesn't really take much convincing for me to see that God is behind this chain of events that I call 'my life'. God did all the hard work with this one. I didn't do a darn thing.

In conclusion:
What a treasure to have friends who go out of their way to help you, but how much greater is the treasure when strangers do the same.

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bekadean said...

like i said on the phone the other day....if you had any doubts that you were doing what the Lord wanted you to do, the fact that He as vividly ordered your steps so far should squash them all. keep me posted!