Thursday, December 17


I wonder how many people have "good" neighbors? I've often wondered that. I've lived in a variety of places, in some different situations. I've observed people, neighbors, neighborhoods. And sometimes I'm saddened by the hurried life that we seem to live. The time crunch is such that we forget to be good neighbors. I look forward to a time when I can live in a place long enough to be a good neighbor and have good neighbors. Here are the kind of things I'm thinking of -

A good neighbor is the person who will...
  • willingly lend you baking ingredients
  • offer to pick up your mail when you are away
  • initiate a friendly chat across the fence
  • invite you over for dessert or coffee
  • help you move something heavy or awkward
  • smile
It is a stretch to reach out to people that are outside of our circle. But if each of us did, in our neighborhoods or cul-de-sacs think what a different feeling we would have when we stepped out of our cars after a long day at work. We would be greeted to smiling faces and friendly waves. To real conversation, not just the same ole' small talk. I would eat that up. That's a place I would want to live, year after year and decade after decade.

This blog was prompted by my new neighbor who walked over, introduced himself, welcomed me to the neighborhood, and helped me carry furniture from my car into the garage. Unbelievable! You inspire me, neighbor Dave. I want to be more like you.


Kristi said...

I want to come live there too!

the Lady of Dragonwood said...

Good neighbors are wonderful indeed! We are blessed to have the kind of neighbors who, upon first meeting us, let us borrow equipment and then helped us build our house. They have become good friends, and I am so grateful to have them in my life. Leslie, may you also be blessed with many Good Neighbors.

Sarah said...

I love good neighbors and try to be one. I have one that I really love, they are great! But sometimes things get bad and then it's really awful 'cause you can't get away. I wish those things could get healed and we could revert to good neighbors.

Merry Christmas, Leslie!

Hurley Crew said...

We have great neighbors! Of course, we also call them Mom and Dad. Another set happen to be friends from college. We always have a helping hand, which is nice when you live out in the middle of nowhere!!