Friday, November 27

outcome, not surprising

I always told myself I'd never in my life substitute teach.

I've since realized that the phrase, "never in my life", shouldn't escape my lips....ever. I don't know how it happens but, just as soon as I am dead set against something, all of a sudden, through twisted circumstances I am staring that "something" right in the eyes.

And so...of course, I am a substitute teacher.

In case you have never entered a school as a substitute teacher let me share a few things about what I've picked up on in my three weeks of work.
  • It is definitely as bad as it sounds.
  • There are some bright spots, but they are few.
  • Lots of kids hate substitute teachers just because they are substitute teachers.
  • God gets me through the day, not my self-acclaimed wit.
  • It is the closest feeling I've had to being invisible.
  • High schoolers act like middle schoolers.
  • A substitute has almost zero authority walking into someone else's classroom.

I still haven't figured out why semi-retired, 60-something year old ladies are the majority of substitute teachers. This would literally be the last place I'd want to spend a day when I am 60. I come home feeling like I've just been in a psychological battle all day, with a couple of sucker punches thrown in there at some point.

I hope I'm not crushing anyone's spirit who was planning on making a career out of substitute teaching. I'm just saying if that person is you, you might want to develop a back-up plan.


Megan said...

Keep your fingers crossed that the classroom teacher leaves a movie for you to play.

If you ever want to try elementary, I have 3rd graders who would LOVE you!

I understand about the never thing. I said I would NEVER live in Indiana. God has a great sense of humor; I'm sure he's had many of chuckles because of my NEVERS!

the Lady of Dragonwood said...

A few tricks of the trade: always bring a "mystery bag" of goodies for the kids full of cool books, cute stuffed animals, and things to do. This is your carrot - if the kids are good, they get to play with the things in the bag. Even high schoolers will try a little bit harder if they get to play a bit. Remember, they are all still kids, and they just wanna have fun. Also, never ever sit still. If you move around the classroom constantly, kids have to be more aware of you, and you are more aware of them and what they are doing. And never, ever take anything they say personally. Substitute teaching can be a tough job. Hang in there, and I hope you find your teaching groove soon.

Kristi said...

Been there, done that...
Praying for you my friend!

Leslie said...

I do have to confess the last two weeks have been much better. I probably shouldn't have spouted on so about substitute teaching...