Tuesday, October 6

from the farmers almanac

I picked up a 2009 farmers almanac the other day just for fun. And oh, has it been fun. There is some crazy stuff in there:
  • astronomical glossary
  • configurations of Sun, Moon and Planets
  • Gardening by the Zodiac and the Moon's Phases
  • gestation table
  • strange headlines
There are also some really great things in there:
  • general weather forecasts
  • sunrise and sunset times
  • hints for your health
  • frost date chart
  • planting tables
  • natural pest control
And then just to keep things lively:
  • crossword puzzle
  • "Storks - the ultimate social security model"
  • "News to Amuse"
  • Facts and Fancies
  • Cookery Corner
Even if you aren't a farmer, I encourage you to pick up an almanac sometime. Take a gander. It will be quite enjoyable. This particular almanac is titled, "The Almanac for Farmers & City Folk". And proclaims on the front cover that it is your "entertainment and information for the entire year".

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Raleigh said...

can you check the winter weather forecast for colorado springs?