Tuesday, October 6

These three little pigs found their way to Victory Acres about a month ago. Their time here will be short, though they are making the best of it. They have successfully rooted through our compost pile, working the new matter in, and turning it for us. Those little noses are big deals. Their last day on the farm is at the end of this month. I keep hinting to management that I wouldn't mind a Christmas bonus in the form of half a hog. I don't think anyone is taking notice of my memos.


Melissa/Mel said...

sorry they're not picking up on your hints :)
jasper is huge!

Mom and Dad said...

We love your pictures. The shadows on the cabbage are awesome and the perspective of the farm house through the Queen Anne's Lace is fantastic! When you write your book, be sure to include lots of your pictures OR make a stand alone picture book!

Jasper looks like such an eager pup!