Friday, November 21

Whidbey Times - police blotter

Whidbey Island is probably the safest place I've ever lived. There are a few sheriff deputies employed up and down the island, but I see them rarely. Unfortunately I had the chance of seeing one rather closely a few weeks ago when I was racing through the small community of Greenbank after church. I was in route to the last farmer's market of the season and looking forward to a delicious lunch of homemade soup and potatoes with Mr. Mobley's special tahini sauce. The deputy was not impressed with that story and pointedly wrote me a $144 ticket. Wow! I've been served many tickets in my day. I think this one raises the median cost. Ouch.

At any rate, the police on this island are not busy keeping order, busting up drug cartels, nailing drunks, or writing burglary reports. It is comforting to live in a place where doors needn't be locked. I love that characteristic of Whidbey.

A humorous extension to this fact is that the police blotter in the local papers are filled with ridiculous, hilarious notations. I found one the other day that deserves a highlight on my blog.

Saturday, November 1

@ 8:10 a caller reported a woman, dressed in a flapper costume with high heels, was
trying to get to some puppies in a ditch off Hwy 20 near Sleeper Rd.


Mom said...

Hilarious police report!

Sorry about the ticket! The deputy probably appreciated having something to DO on that Sunday besides answer calls about flapper women chasing/rescuing puppies in a ditch!

Kristi said...

Wow, that's some serious crime going on there...

Glad to see you back to blogging ~ I've been wondering what's going on out west! Oh, and I'm getting around to doing my share from the tag last month...