Wednesday, October 15

Blog Tagged

I've been tagged by Raleigh. Blog Tag goes something like this: I tell you 6 random things about myself, then tag a few other people who proceed to post 6 random things about themselves.

1. I have a strange fetish for 'People' magazine. I wouldn't consider myself superficial or materialistic, mostly I'm a realist who is not deceived by fantasy, but for some odd reason I can get hooked on the celebrity gossip commonly found in magazines like 'People'. When I lived in NC with Mindy she had a subscription, so I could get my "fix" each month. Since then I've refused to buy them, because I'm too practical to rationalize the expense for, what I even consider, trash. But at doctor's offices, libraries, friends houses, and now, even at Lavender Wind Farm, I find myself drawn to the ridiculous, paparazzi-driven magazine. Unbelievable!

2. Auto Mechanic: I've tossed around the idea in my head to take a few classes. I am completely ill-equipped to diagnose, assess, or fix my car. That, makes me feel ignorant. I'd like that to change someday. I mean...I can change a tire, change the oil, and check the fluids, but anything above and beyond the basics, is completely out of my realm. The knowledge of an auto mechanic would be invaluable to me!

3. I hate crickets. Even after "getting close" to bugs in my Entomology class in college, I reserve a cold place in my heart for crickets. Especially those disgusting, brown, camel crickets with the hunched backs. Sick! They aren't easy to catch, like spiders, or cute and furry like mice. They are completely unpredictable. I've had one leap up on me when I was trying to corner it in the bathroom to get rid of it. Scary! And the worst is that they crunch when you kill them. That just makes my stomach turn.

4. I wish I could live on bread alone. Truly, I do. I love all bread. Sweet breads like pumpkin, zucchini, apple, or banana. Healthy breads like multi-grain, rye, whole wheat, or oat. Other breads like baguettes, biscuits, corn bread. Mmmm. Pancakes, waffles, scones, muffins. Yes, I even consider those, breads. If only I could live on bread alone...Oh to be a pastry chef...

5. If I could pick any sport to play throughout life, I'd choose ping pong. Referred to in most countries as table tennis, this sport has all the components to make it the perfect game. It has individual and team aspects, hand-eye coordination requirements, it is fast paced, with little room for error. It is extremely competitive and can be played and practiced practically anywhere. Not to mention, it is completely cost effective (paddle and balls?). In college, my friend Kate and I, used to spend hours in the game room perfecting our serves, backhands, and spins. We jokingly spoke of giving up our softball scholarships to take on our new passion of ping pong (if only we could find a trainer/coach). To be quite honest, I think we would have ditched softball if someone approached us with the offer.

6. Most of you probably know this, but for those that don't: my two front teeth are fake. And since their placement in my mouth, at the age of 21, I've been nervously awaiting the moment in time when the glue doesn't stick anymore and that moment will be one scary picture show! I have two tiny little whittled down teeth that pose as anchors for the porcelain caps to afix to. So when the caps do decide to come loose and fall off of their posts, the remains of my teeth will be stage for one horrific smile! Lord help us all when that day comes!

I've done my duty, so it is my turn to tag some people. Here it goes: Lana J Wilson, Kristi Miller, Alaina Falk - YOU ARE IT!


Raleigh said...

fabulous. i never knew you were a celebrity gossip fiend. but i did know about the teeth... i remember mancino's! =)

Alaina said...

I wish I could live on bread, too - I love it! And I share your People magazine fetish. I don't subscribe for the same reasons but when I'm working or at the doctor, I love to read them. :)

I'll do my random things tomorrow or Saturday!

Lana Joy said...

Even I learned some new things about you here. I'll try to be as random, but it's really hard. Hmm...must think.

stephanie said...

I hate crickets too! A couple times I did pet-sitting for a family and they had lizards. To feed those reptiles, I had to go to the crickets cage and capture 8-10 crickets in a cup. I got all creepy-crawly feeling because as soon as I reached my hand into the tank, all the crickets started jumping around and I was just sure they were going to jump on my arm or hand. Ugh, I still shutter remembering that!
I have to say, I also don't really liked lady bugs. And they also crunch when you kill them.

Alaina said...

Okay, now I did much for the weekend. :)

Calli said...

how them taters coming along sista?!? that'd be some good bloggin' if i say anything about it!

kendra said...

The 'People' fetish surprised me. I am wondering though... does that knock ya down a few life points? ;)