Thursday, August 7

life in fast forward

The month of July flew by, it started out with a much anticipated visit from Calli and it ended with an equally anticipated trip to Lake Tahoe for Megan and Chad's wedding.

And then all of a sudden it is August 7th already. What in the world?

A few noteworthy events:
  • a bird landed on my back as I was harvesting lavender yesterday, I must have seemed like a very strange colored bush, maybe?
  • the acronym NADM stands for National Association of Diesel Motorsports
  • Gretchen, a friend from IWU (whom I haven't seen since 2001), visited me last weekend
  • lavender beer tastes decent, if you can believe it
  • i harvested my first cucumber

Thanks, the library is closing, must go. More later friends!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I made your blog! :) I had such a nice visit. Hope to see you in Seattle soon!

:) Gretchen