Sunday, August 10

Lavender Lovers Unite

Part of the reason for my blogging tardiness is due to the annual "event" at Lavender Wind Farm known as the Lavender & Wind Art Festival. Since beginning my job on the farm in February, a group of people have been meeting every month to plan this August event. I initially thought this seven month in advance team meeting a bit premature, but amazingly the time disappeared somewhere between February and August.

My duties for preparing to host possibly thousands of people from the Washington area included: weeding, harvesting, watering, and the like.

Other staffers were in charge of making products, planning and ordering food for the fundraising tent, reserving chairs, glasses and the like, committing musicians for two hour time slots.

The event came and went, the first weekend of August and was a whirlwind of activity on the farm. Musicians, artist booths, beer & wine tent. An insane number of people wandered the grounds, filling our shop, buying lavender plants, browsing the artist's tents. It was a weekend of sunshine, smiles, and adrenaline (at least for the six of us farm staff).

And now maybe my life can resume some sort of orderliness. Right...


Raleigh said...

sound crazy. kind of wish i could go sometime... festivals are neat. and lavendar?!

Calli said...

i have tried to grasp what it was like for the six of you guys. and i have been unsucessful. but surely, I WOULD NOT BELIEVE. Ha. I am looking forward to hearing more about it. Looks like beautful days!