Sunday, July 13

a needed vacation

Calli has been visiting since Wednesday, we've been traveling the island doing usual and unusual things. I told her the other day that I was glad she came for a visit so I could take a vacation. My life has been most frequently run by work. Work at home, work at work, and work after work. Makes for a slow-building frustration of sorts. I'm not one to get stressed out that easily, but I was definitely feeling overwhelmed. And I know that I am on the verge of the same for the rest of the summer, as soon as Calli flies eastward on Monday. But for today, I'm going to just chill.

Thursday, Calli volunteered at Lavender Wind Farm while I worked. We were able to harvest fresh bunches of lavender in the morning before lunch and hoe weeds in the field after lunch. A fun and educational day, I think. Above, she is learning how to bind lavender bunches with rubber bands for drying. We were able to try some lavender ice cream at the end of our work day. I chose a blackberry lavender ice cream sandwich, while Calli decided a vanilla lavender sandwich worked for her.

On a quite different note: I was wondering why the daisies looked distressed. Can you figure it out? Might be time for some more beer. Toasting time!

Two different beasts here, can you believe it? Amazing!


Raleigh said...

they're being munched alive! ahhhh!

Mom said...

Great pictures of the slimy herbivores!

Calli, in her purple shirt, looks like she belongs on the lavender farm. So glad she could offer you a few vacation hours! Enjoy!

EmilyAnne said...

Nasty little buggers.