Sunday, July 20

mid-July rush

It has been a busy few weeks. I'm sharing space with Dean and Suzie the rest of the month, it's harvest time on the farm, the weeds still grow, the plants still need watered. And, I ate my first Dungeness Crab (the local crustacean) last night for a belated birthday feast. Thursday I leave for Lake Tahoe, California for a mini vacation to celebrate Megan's wedding.

Since nearly all of my vegie seeds were free this year, I couldn't be choosy. Thus the purple and white carrots. I love the purple carrots, they are so cool sliced in discs. Their inside is orange like a normal carrot, but the outside is deep purple. They look like little bulls eyes.

I plucked my first garlic from the garden. Again, I was a bit hasty, it wasn't at full maturation, but it still tasted good in my stir fry.

Harvesting lavender makes all the rest of the work around the farm worth it. It smells great, the bees are buzzing around all happy and full of pollen (except that one time when the swarmed me and attacked me), all the visitors are enthralled with the process. It's a happy place to work.

Here is Mr. Crab who graciously sacrificed his life for my birthday feast. I watched Suzie gut her crab and then she passed the torch to me. My crab, my gut job. Nasty business, but not as nasty as filleting a fish, I say.


Calli said...

where did you get that crab les?

Leslie said...

Dean bought the crabs for Suzie and I. Someone was selling them in a roadside stand. Fresh as can be.