Saturday, May 17

the stuff bunnies' dreams are made of

That's right folks, everything green and leafy in this picture came from my garden!

Check this out. I harvested some purple mustard greens from the garden, sauteed in olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt. A tasty compliment to my chicken breast in cranberry sauce. Also picked some baby red lettuce leaves and some Japanese mizuna greens for a fresh salad. A little homemade blackberry vinagrette dressing to top it off and life seems that much better.

Gardening...ahhh...this is the good part! Makes the weeding, watering, soil preparation worth it!


Brooks said...

Looks delicioso... but the real question is: How was Henry's India Pale Ale?

Alaina said...

Wow - so yummy! We put our garden in last week and I can't wait to eat the produce! In the mean time, I'm making do with the farmer's market. :)

Raleigh said...

um, looks so good. i think i drooled a little bit. we are JUST planting our garden... it was below 30 one night last week. but we will hopefully have some good looking plants in a month!