Saturday, May 17

life with bailey

Bailey has been a fun addition to 307 Spyglass Dr. She rescues me from talking to myself, is a good reminder to take a break from yard work to throw a ball or two, and enjoys running erands with me.

Her glances and doggy gestures speak volumes, I'm just not sure what she is saying. Sometimes when she wants to come inside she won't drop her tennis ball on the step. I won't let that slimy toy cross the threshold so it becomes a battle between her and I. She is stubborn, but surprise Bailey, I'm stubborn too. So far it plays out the same every time and it goes like this:

"Bailey, drop the ball!"

She looks at me quickly with her playful doggy eyes and immediately looks away. The ball remains in her mouth.
"Bailey, drop the ball!!"
She doesn't look at me this time, just stands there with her head down, stubbornly holding the ball.

"I'm not letting you in until you drop the ball."
Not a movement from her, ball tightly grasped in between her canines.

I proceed to shut the door in her face. Leaving her outside until she drops the ball. I glance out every few minutes to see if she is ready to come in. Ball firmly between her jaws. Quick glance my way, then head down.

It usually takes 5 - 10 minutes of waiting before I hear the ball hit the ground. I open the door, she prances in as if it was her idea to drop the ball.

I'm pretty sure it is a good thing that I am not a mother. My children would hate me, I can be a stubborn cuss.


Calli said...

chandler needs to meet bailey!! woohooo. dog match making!

Leslie said...

I don't want Bailey picking up any sock nabbing habits from Chandler. Watch out!