Tuesday, April 1

the ugly truth about my chocolate

In reference to the last post about cheap chocolate:

Immediately after calculating the cost of the one chocolate chip yesterday, I realized that the chip from a 10 lb bag would be much less costly than a chip from a regular 12 oz bag (which is the standard size that most people purchase). So I set off to discover the unsettling truth about the cost of one chocolate chip from the bag in my cupboard.

My bag was a 12 oz Western Family bag of chocolate chips which cost me $2.99. Using the data from yesterday in terms of the number of chocolate chips in a 1/4 lb (252 chips), I calculated the cost of each individual chip in my bag. Behold the ugly truth: one chip = $.003955! Almost four times as much as Sarah's chocolate chip.



Kristi said...

And if I were still teaching 6th grade I would so use this "real life" application when we studied unit pricing!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Will you only purchase the 10 lb. bags now? You'll have to find a friend with a Costco membership that'll let you tag along, but I feel like you might be sold on the buying-in-bulk argument.

Calli said...

10 lbs bags of choc-o-lot!!! yea!! then you would be the real thing, you know?