Tuesday, April 1

Cheap Chocolate

As we were finishing lunch yesterday at Lavender Wind Farm, Sarah spontaneously offered Stacy and I some chocolate chips for dessert. Stacy and I make it a practice to never turn away anything sweet, especially chocolate, so we gladly accepted the offer. Out of the pantry came a huge, 10 lb bag of chocolate chips. I have seen this bag in Sarah's kitchen on a few occasions and each time I see it, I am astounded at the size of the bag!

Those of you who know me well, know that my mind is always working, questioning, processing. Therefore, upon seeing this ginormous bag of tasty treats once again, my never resting curiosity blurted out, "I wonder how much each chocolate chip costs?"

Everyone stopped and looked at me, and then we went to work, calculating the cost of one chocolate chip. Sarah immediately grabbed her kitchen scale and measured a 1/4lb of chocolate chips. She divided into three portions and she, Stacy and I ate our pile, as we counted our chips. In the 1/4lb we had 252 chips (I had 101 in my pile, while they each had 73 and 78 respectively). We multiplied the 252 chips by 40 (4 quarters to each of the ten pounds) and figured that the 10 lb bag contained 10,080 chocolate chips.

We weren't sure how much the bag cost, but we knew Rick had bought it at Costco. While Sarah phoned Rick at work to get the cost of the bag, Stacy and I continued to eat the delicious chocolaty morsels. Off the phone and down to business, Rick's contribution was $14.49 for the bag. And that was the last bit of data that we needed to find out the worth of one Costco chocolate chip in a 10 lb bag. The last calculation revealed to us our sought after solution. One chocolate chip from a Costco 10 lb bag cost $0.0014375.

Can you imagine chocolate being so cheap? It's like those little bits of semi-sweet chocolate are almost free! We were delighted!


Kristi said...

The former math teacher in me is so proud of you for even wanting to figure that out...


Melissa/Mel said...

you are AWESOME!