Wednesday, December 12

The last month has been a whirlwind of travels, I've been on the move since November 16th. And finally after weeks of flying, driving, and incidently riding zebras, I've made it home to Rochester, IN. Home is one of the only places I've found where I can just sit and relax.
It wasn't always like that. Four kids, three cats, two gerbils, two parents, and one dog. Schedules and lists ruled our lives, to create a sort of controlled chaos, of which we all survived and are better for it, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Amen, sister. I love going home now, it only took about 24 years for me to come to that conclusion. Total relaxation. How can we even THINK that, knowing what it used to be the mornings getting ready for school, or church, or any random night after 9:30pm when I'd try to sleep and you and Ev were still having fun?

Leslie said...

I do remember a few well placed, "SHUT-UP"s! coming from your bedroom.

Michelle said...

It was awesome seeing you Leslie. We still miss you in NC...well at least I do. Even though I am horrible about calling, your name comes up frequently (most of the time in a positive light) and I think of you often. I enjoyed meeting Lana and enjoying the finest Mexican cuisine with you crazy kids. Be safe and Happy New Year!!! Enjoy your time at home. Love ya!!