Monday, December 31

Christmas Past

Everyone but Dad in this shot. We are looking forward to Christmas feast.
Weeks have passed. Not sure where the time went. In fact it feels like father time has been playing an evil joke on me. A few blinks of the ole eyelid and here I am a few days from hitting the road again.

Christmas was more like a marathon than anything else. Christmas in NC, Christmas on the 25th, and Christmas last Saturday with the fam. I've been devouring heavenly food and drink since arriving here a month ago. I will be returning to the West about 10 pounds heavier. Ouch. I've started to develop a trend where I eat my heart out when I'm visiting at home, because I'm not going to see food like that for another year. So I tell myself..."eat all you want, you'll work it off later". It's worked the last few years, lets hope it continues to 'work out'.

Enjoying the Dora Scavenger Hunt book. That Dora, she's crazy!

Mom and Katie spent an afternoon making gingerbread men.

Mariocart found its way into our post-Christmas celebration.

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