Thursday, October 18

Where will you be tonight?

Sleeping. Most people don't really think about the end of their day so much. They have their evening routines, their habits and customs that they mindlessly pass through on their way to their bedrooms, their mood lighting, their fluffy pillows. I too, for years, have passed through the day and into the night with out a thought in the world about my comfortable nightly routine. Those days have long passed me by, however.
I do not worry about where I lay my head each night, although it is constantly on my mind, being that I do not have a place to call my own here in Bozeman. I have "resided" in Bozeman for a month and a half now and have wandered from here to there finding places to rest each night. Each day is an adventure, not knowing where I will breathe my first breath of sleep when night falls.
Though there are a few drawbacks to being without a home, I love how my situation gives others the opportunity to open their homes, their lives to me. I am continually blessed by the generosity and hospitality that has been freely given to me. My life is rich with the company of others during my stay here. I've slept on floors, on couches, on day beds, on futons, in a box and in my car. I've been invited to dinner parties, the movies, hiking trips, rock climbing, to coffee, to concerts, to cookouts, to football games. I've frequented the library, the coffee shops, the parks, the thrift stores. It is almost like I am a resident here, in Bozeman, yet I have no address, I am absent of any nightly habits and rituals, and though I go to the library, I am forced to borrow someone's library card to check books out.
I've learned a lot during this short-term adventure in Bozeman, MT. I've been blessed beyond measure and am better for it.
As a sidenote however, I am gloriously looking forward to the time when I will be able to sleep in a bed any night that I want, a time when nightly rituals are a habit, and my mind is not wondering where I will be waking up the next morning.


Anonymous said...

You are brave, sea-star. Brave. I have a bed and a pillow for you anytime.

Raleigh said...

it'll be fun when you're here for the night. bring some beer and it'll be even more fun. =) jk. we don't drink in this house. ask calli if you don't believe me.