Sunday, October 14

A New Taste

I was introduced to Indian food for the first time last night. My friend, Maria, threw a party in which the guests were to bring an Indian inspired side dish. This proved hard for me. First of all, I've never eaten Indian food. Secondly, I don't have a kitchen to use even if I had known what Indians eat. Therefore, after much thought I arrived at the party with a small bag of almonds. A perfect side for someone without a kitchen. I was surprised to see the vast array of food on the table. I, honestly, had doubted the party's success - but was shocked to realize that lots of folks dig Indian cuisine.

The food was delicious. There were lentils, rice, and flat bread, although, I'm still not sure what most of the dishes were that I ate. All in all, I enjoyed myself immensely. And the almonds, though not the party favorite, were gone by the end of the night.

Hooray for trying new things!


Raleigh said...

I've had Indian food all of two times, and I've been surprised both times how much I liked it. It is pretty tasty. Getting our first taste of snow in the mountains this weekend... yeehaw!

Mom said...

Were there dishes with curry and saffaron? Sounds like a fun time and plenty of yummy eats.

We needed you for our Aggravation game today. Lana, Evan, and Emily joined Dad and me, but there was no one to play with the orange pegs! We miss you!

Stay warm!

Leslie said...

I play cut throat Aggravation - are you sure you needed my competitive edge?

Wes and Rita Tillett said...

Can you send me your number again.

Calli said...

Way to continuously explore the world!! I do have a question though...what game to you not play cut throat?

...yeah that's what i figured! haha. however i am sure the gottschwards would still manage to have you around.

Melissa/Mel said...

i'm so glad you got to eat Indian food! I LOVED the food while i was in India...LOVED it! next time you need an indian inspired dish...i'll be your hook up :)

Alaina said...

Yum! We really like Indian food! I love reading about all your adventures! When are you headed back our way? Love ya.