Monday, September 3

An Ongoing Blessing

I am so richly blessed. Not too many people feel at home with their own family, let alone an entirely different family. My 2001 move to NC from IN impacted me beyond measure. Though I gained much through my five years of living in the south, the greatest gift of all has been the friendship and unconditional love of Tommy, Tracy, and Calli Edwards. And what beats all odds is that they love every member of my family as they do me. What a testament of Christ's love.

I'm so glad that Concord, NC was my home for five years. Thank you for inviting me into your family withouth reservation.


Raleigh said...

Got to meet T & T tonight... they're so great. Thanks for introducing me to the Edwards' family.
I'm glad your time in CSprings was challenging (aerobically and spiritually) and refreshing, and I pray that you continue to be grown by Him this fall. Surrender is the best way... though never easy. Follow hard after Him, and keep on bloggin'. I love to read the story.

Mom said...

Letting go is so hard, and yet brings such blessings when we take the risk! Holding tight limits our experience and the size of our world! When we let you go, Leslie, we didn't lose our daughter, as we might have feared. Instead we gained a larger family! We love you, Tommy, Tracy, and Calli! We love you for loving Leslie with God's love and for being there when we could not; and for extending that amazing unconditional love to our family and to our extended family! You have shown us what love is. Talk about Southern hospitality!!! You are the epitome of the phrase!

Thanks, Leslie, for stretching us as you use your wings. We are pulled up in your updraft as you soar. It is both thrilling and a little scary at times for these play-it-safe, comfort-zone-loving parents. The wind in the face feels great when we give it a try. Who knows how many of us who know you are being inspired to take a step out of the comfort zone, into the great unknown, by faith in the One who knows it all!

Leslie said...

Thanks mom for the encouragement and support from afar, yet not so far.