Sunday, September 2

The Incline

A challenging opportunity in Manitou Springs (just west of Colorado Springs).

The Incline is an old railway bed for a cable car that used to take folks part way up Pikes Peak to a view at approximately 8,000 ft. In 1990 the cable car quit running and the railway bed has been used by hikers ever since.

Thursday I decided to attempt the incline while Calli was in class at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. From where I was staying in C Springs, I could easily see the incline cutting it's way up the mountain.

Basic Incline Statistics:

  • Beginning Elevation: 6,574 feet

  • Ending Elevation: 8,585 feet

  • Elevation Gain: 2,011 feet

  • Mileage: 1 mile

  • Steepest Grade: 68%

  • Average Grade 41%

45 minutes after I started I had made it over the last step. Somehow I made it up the incline. Climbing over every railroad tie, gasping for breath, dripping sweat, and taking frequent breaks.

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Calli said...

i love how you do things...just do them. come visit colorado, do the incline, zip-line with all your heart, hike the second tallest mt. in the connected u.s!!! and i get to be a part of this? i love my choc-o-lot for sure!!